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26. listopadu 2018
Farantimm je setkání tří posluchačů, kteří chtějí pokoušet a rozšiřovat způsob, jakým společně hrajeme hudbu. Co je to hudba? Co je souhra? Do jaké míry může být harmonie nehomogenní? Různé žánry jsou hrány současně a jakoby jeden proti druhému. Přijďte si poslechnout, co pro vás tato jedinečná kapela vykouzlí. Dario Fariello - saxofony Antti Virtaranta - kontrabas Thiébault Imm - kytara Farantimm is a meeting of three listeners, who want to challenge and expand the way we play music together. What is music? What is interplay? To which degree can we have harmony in unhomogeneousness? Different genres are played at the same time against each other, polyrhythm and polyharmony are used as a starting point to build live sound collages. Antti Virtaranta's atonal lines are enriched by amplified collateral contrabass sounds that contribute rhythmically to the trio's instant compositions. Thiébault Imm uses feedbacks and prepared amplified guitar to access a dimension between acoustic and electric that is not necessarily loud, but can magnify small subtleties and nuances. His guitar can sound like a bass, a bird, or get some qualities of bowed low-pitched instruments, like cello or double bass. Dario Fariello's saxophone melodies are played skipping forward and backward, melted together, contaminated with small noises in order to obtain musical neologisms. Phrases are multi-narrative, somehow cubist, continuing on different levels, telling different stories at the same time, and different moments of the same story at the same time. Farantimm is a provocation: looking at music and band clichés through the deforming mirror of irony seems the only way to touch the real meaning behind it: what is music? what is a band? Can independent musical layers inform each other on a different, indirect level? Can contrast be harmony? Come to one of our concerts and find out! Dario Fariello - saxophones Antti Virtaranta - double bass Thiébault Imm - guitar https://m.soundcloud.com/farimm/sets/farantimm

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